Weekend Lycra-wearing Cyclists

You know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the hordes or 20+ riders who come out on the weekends and they are ALL IN MATCHING SKIN TIGHT LYCRA (or SPANDEX or whatever…)
These RIDICULOUS outfits that have NO place ANYWHERE except in a RACE where ever second (and wind-resistence) counts!

You stupid fashion victims!
You ignorant sheep!
You wannabe fools!

Believe it or not, you look idiotic and no one wants to see you dressed like that.

Are you really so insecure that you can’t just go out and cycle for the love of cycling?
You have to follow some other stupid sheep, who is following a previous stupid sheep?

Ever seen the ads by Nike where people play hard at whatever their sport of choice is and they aren’t wearing any fancy clothes? “JUST DO IT”
Why can’t week-end cyclists ‘Just Do It’??!
Why can’t they be original and wear normal clothes?
Why do they ALL have to prance about looking like ass-clowns?!
You are not in a race! You are not in a fashion parade for the mentally challenged!

I have nothing against cyclists that cycle for the love of cycling – it’s the insecure, herd mentality, mass-mobs that not only make absolute ass-clowns of themselves every weekend by dressing in skin tight outfits and behave badly too!
I’m taking about dickheads that actually HAVE a CYCLING LANE but then insist on riding ON the white line even when a car is passing!


About Marc Jager

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