Mobile Phone Failures

It’s been so long since I posted a gripe, I figured I better post something fast!

Even if it is a little on the lame and short side..

People who let their mobile phones ring and ring and ring and yet don’t manage to answer them! (And I’m talking about such morons that they don’t even respond to texts over several days)
SERIOUSLY annoying….

It’s SO BLATANTLY ABSURD, it sounds like a joke!
Because When someone HAS a mobile phone, it’s fair (and common sense) that they have it, to be contacted….. while mobile!

If you don’t want to be one of those people who can be contacted 90% of the time, DON’T OWN A FRACKING MOBILE PHONE!!
It’s simple!

In case you think I’m talking about people who own a mobile but rarely have it turned ON…. I’m NOT!
I’m talking about a mobile phone that rings and rings and rings.
Owner? JACKASS who has no respect for their friends/family.

Guess why they call it a mobile phone you nitwit?!
Because it’s ‘MOBILE’!
You can carry it with you!
If you can’t talk, turn the damned thing off!

The face of disaproval (in this case, it's 'disgust')


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