TODAY (January 30th – A Thursday) a tragic thing happened.

LOCATION: South-bound in a strictly 80 kph (enforced with multiple speed cameras) Toll-Road tunnel.

SITUATION: Both driving at exactly 80 kph in line with me in front.

This LEGENDARY STUNT DRIVER (must be… I have no idea how and who else could manage this!), ‘050 CHE‘, is behind me, goes up my arse (what we Aussies call tail-gating), then changes lanes (right), over-takes me (goes around me) only to pull (left) back into the same lane he started in but now a WHOLE CAR-LENGTH AHEAD OF ME!!!

Something like the image in this post (somewhere – because stupid WordPress is playing silly buggers)

Diagram showing overtaking using an overtaking lane


But wait, it gets better!!!
Then, this absolute ASS-CLOWN immediately EXITS, the very next left exit!

His heroics and driving skill, his winning ability to overtake me and BEAT ME (is this a race where everyone has to do 80 kph race?…), deserves a medal for SHEER STUPIDITY and ASS-HATTERY.

The TRAGEDY is I don’t know who this un-sung twit is!
I can’t send him a trophy, a medal or even a congratulations note 😦

So if anyone knows who this is, please make sure you get him a trophy or a medal!


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